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Settling the The Munni v Sheila debate

this has already used very  much  the every ounce of the brain fuel  causing the turmoil  in the minds of a young generation who loves the singing and dancing style of hindi cinema ( that I am a part of ) on various intellectual and emotional levels……….  also giving us the unknown importance of this in bar brawl, couple of PILs and social-economic-rural-urban  analysis

I prefer Monica / Kitty Kelly  aka Helen. Call me a old schooler …. !!! this one still has that a fresh green flare with it

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It’s ok! we’ll be having some turbulence ……

The ways in which we are evolving in time as a human race has been remarkable journey altogether. But, there are many flaws or inconsistencies in the development. The more we have tried to justify our actions towards development of science, more we have encountered a sense of awe at the same time, a sense of guiltiness towards our actions. Let me paint a picture for you. To convey the advantages of scientific discoveries and describing them in a mere objective way to put up a series of heart throbbing and unnecessarily patriotic advocacies in front of a senate or parliament (in short a democratic administration) does imbibe sense of guiltiness in one’s mind.
Climatologists brag upon it and the skeptics (mostly non-believers of global warming fact) as usual question it, environmental activists fail to create the required impact on the mass media and politicians use it often to show their face value to use it more often as leverage than a measured concern. Thanks to universality of the scientific facts, which are true either you believe them or not. Originally, proposed by John Tyndall, later became observed fact after studying Mars atmosphere, greenhouse effect still remains a much needed alarm signal rung by physicists (astrophysicists to be precise again! )
X-ray computed tomography is one of the major tools to diagnose ailments. Wilhelm Röntgen who is believed to be the one who discovered and put forward the systematic study of x-rays somewhere towards end of nineteenth century, completely driven by inquisitive nature of human mind, managed to turn the tide for neurosciences and related medical fields as the diagnostics got its much needed sloughing, towards end of the twentieth century.

Scientific advancements do not occur with stubbornly motivated efforts burgeoning only due to an impending crisis or its effects such as state of poverty or increase in the mortality rate. But advancement in understanding of the application of those discoveries at various levels is definitely triggered towards serving human kind.Science is knowledge of the way nature works and adapting yourself to that or nonetheless using that knowledge to survive under different conditions.

One of the distinguished persons currently working towards betterment of communicating science and mass awareness, Dr.Neil Degrasse Tyson, himself being an astrophysicist does allow him a little latitude on the subject, takes a toll by saying “God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance that’s getting smaller and smaller as time goes on.” Dwelling over this, why do we have to go back to our cave beliefs of God and have to sell our ideas to convince the mass of delusional people who do represent a big group of administrators of economy, work ethics, judiciary practices and moral. The very reason being the lack of scientific literacy, which eventually gives rise to the very old God of the Gaps argument. It says what we don’t know we cannot perceive altogether justifying the proposition. What we see today as near improbable event, may even be accomplished someday with the help of a mere error or an accident or maybe due to terror. Well, most of the progress achieved in aerospace sciences has been the very effect of vivid militaristic precursors; also known as ideological differences which is another form of an identifier same as religion and is nonetheless not the moderately harmful of the ones out there.

Indeed it’s a ‘remarkable’ journey but certainly doesn’t look like an evidence of evolution of an intelligent being which actually bothers many. I wonder is it a mind – block or a fact!!
Arthur C. Clarke quoted; any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So ain’t we a whisker away from such a magic!!!!! A magic which will steal the focus of our attention and propel our civilization to conquer unseen horizons irrespective of the differences we carry in time!!!