The King and The Pawn

Every time you want to question the reason to keep on playing,                               ridiculousness follows !

The tumultuous beginnings may chase you,                                                             uncertainty in making your path known might be unsettling,                                                   Yet, somehow the inner struggle will not let you leave                                                           even after every expectation, Ridiculousness follows !

Look beyond, the fast pace events occurring around you,                                                       every experience wants to teach you something,                                                       bluntness of emotions will make you feel mortal,                                                                   it will pass and ridiculousness will follow !

The agony is a part of it,                                                                                                 ‘Nothing will ever make sense’ is the fear eating you every day,                                        still, little joyous moments which never meant to be important are your fellow travelers in trouble…It has always followed with ridiculousness!

Happiest you have ever been,                                                                                           short lived memories of it will make you growl in time to come,                                   Memories and the ephemeral joy from it will serve you rather well                                       in the ridiculousness of this journey.

Finally, a moment where a move will make it or break it,                                                 More often than not, will break your perseverance!                                                             but, few times among many, Ohh My !                                                                                 will win over this absurdity ….

Absurdity of this raw emotion is ridiculously liberating …                                                     All other lost attempts will be counted as Null !                                                               cause every other attempt demands a new level ridiculousness to be followed and chewed upon …This is how it will be all over again,                                                                     When the next game of almighty Chess will played,                                                               I will be ready for your challenge                                                                                       hoping in return, THIS time it will be different…                                                                       And the ridiculousness of it will follow as always !


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