Just say the word !

Genesis of a solo artist in a nutshell …  a pub owned by Richard Branson, When collins starts to performing crowd is bored at first, but then it gets interesting …. lyrical improvisation makes this gibberish super fun !

Ahh I want to make this song into a series of symbols which can be put together by a beautiful equation ! Feels like rush … and wait … waiting for Nirvana of self righteousness !



On ‘origin of the most important mathematical symbol in the history of mathematics …’


An equation derives its power from a simple source. It tells us that two calculations, which appear different, have the same answer. The key symbol is the equals sign, =. The origins of most mathematical symbols are either lost in the mists of antiquity, or are so recent that there is no doubt where they came from. The equals sign is unusual because it dates back more than 450 years, yet we not only know who invented it, we even know why. The inventor was Robert Recorde, in 1557, in The Whetstone of Witte. He used two parallel lines (he used an obsolete word gemowe, meaning ‘twin’) to avoid tedious repetition of the words ‘is equal to’. He chose that symbol because ‘no two things can be more equal’. Recorde chose well. His symbol has remained in use for 450 years.

— Ian Stuart,  In Pursuit of the Unknown: 17 Equations That Changed the World

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