The King and The Pawn

Every question raised, every reason to keep on playing, the ridiculousness follows….

The tumultuous beginnings may chase you, uncertainty in making your path known might be unsettling, Yet, somehow the inner struggle will not let you leave. Even though all expectations have been met, Ridiculousness follows !

Look beyond, the fast pace events occurring around you, every experience wants to teach you something, bluntness of emotions will make you feel mortal, it will pass and ridiculousness will follow….

The agony is a part of it, ‘Nothing will ever make sense’ is the fear eating you every day, still, little joyous moments were never meant to be special … they are your fellow travelers during the struggle … they will eventually bring ridiculousness as always….

Happiest you have ever been, short lived memories of it will make you growl in time to come, Memories and the ephemeral joy from it will serve you rather well in the ridiculousness of this journey.

Finally, a moment where a move will make it or break it, More often than not, will break your perseverance! however, few times, Ohh My ! I will win over this absurdity ….Absurdity of this raw emotion will be fleetingly liberating thing to behold…  All other lost attempts will be counted as null !

Cause every  attempt demands a new level enthusiasm which I lack …chewed upon …This is how it will be …. all over again. When the next game of mighty Chess will be played,  I will be ready for your challenge hoping in return, this time it will be different…

Comrades! … And the ridiculousness of it , in some sense is the essence of it.

Aayushyachya Watewar ….

Aayushyachya watewar
tu asach chalat raha…
yashachya aakasht
garud zep ghet raha;
wisavyala parat
ghartyat matr yet ja..!
aayushyachya watewar
tu asach chalat raha…
sukhachya prateyk kshanana
manat sathawat ja;
an dukhawar mag
haluch funkar ghalat ja..!
aayushyachya watewar
tu asach chalat raha…
ghadnarya prateyk goshtina
dhayryane samore ja;
kulacha kuldeepak tu
asach ujalat raha..!
aayushyachya watewar
tu asach chalat raha….!!!


—- Mayuri

Acknowledgement : Thank you for the kind words, Mayuri.


Golden lads and girls all must …… as chimney-sweepers, come to dust

Fear no more the heat o’ the sun,                                                                                        Nor the furious winter’s rages;                                                                                           Thou thy worldly task hast done,                                                                                       Home art gone, and ta’en thy wages:                                                                              Golden lads and girls all must,                                                                                               As chimney-sweepers, come to dust

—-  William Shakespeare (The Tragedy of Cymbeline )

Just like what these words suggest, the more we know about the nature, we tend to thing that all of this is ‘Pointless’. Knowing more about the nature has not given us a motive or a purpose to live our lives happily, but actually it has given us a reason to introspect more closely why it is immaterial to think in that way.

The illusion of an organized lie (often known as a belief or mass hysteria) is so infectious among us that it is almost impossible to run away from it –  Religion. Yet, everyone has experienced ‘indifferent nature of the Nature’. Sometimes it gets on our nerves when someone try to touch upon our beliefs by questioning them, like one may be invading our privacy without our consent. It is so personal, its pristine for everyone. Whatever may be the reason, the different belief systems are there in different parts of the world, with twenty odd prominent ones. None of them make sense if you test them rationally. Yet, everyone try to defend their own by enlisting the positive influences of it. Its like a weird obsession but with an acceptable social conduct.

Not so long ago, Shakespeare was just an another poet for me who lived a long time ago and probably it will not matter whether I should be knowing about him or not. Instead, there was a sense of urgency to know more about what this journey of understanding the universe is. There is no better way to pursue it other than opting for the tools of science. Things start to fall in places, stupid things start to get ignored. Then, comes a sense of righteousness. But also, it comes with an awe of observing something more than what one has experienced. Calling it a creation is going further than you can understand and making it a simple and cyclic conundrum (For example, if there is an architect, then is he thinking about his own existence ? and so on) calling it an accident is ignoring the coherent events involving this journey perhaps belittling that fact for a purpose or to avoid the other conclusion. There is no satisfying answer to that, yet. This particular feeling is a tragic stroke in the canvass of life. Shakespeare’s sonnets are a get away drug to satisfy that curiosity and sometimes knowing different shades of a ‘tragedy’ in real life.

When I visited Austin, TX in 2010, there was a banner at the entrance of convention center at the capitol,  saying ‘Curiosity is the authentic Happiness’. It seems that ‘Curiosity’ is the half the truth. Satisfaction which comes from knowing something profound is the other half of it. Its not weird that the phrase ‘pursuit of happiness’ exist rather than just ‘happiness’. But, How long will this journey last ? Certainly, not in my lifetime ! Perhaps not for many generations to come, or Perhaps, never ? Saying ‘never’ has a very unsatisfying/ unsettling experience to have. But, nonetheless a good possibility to consider. This is something similar to what Spinoza’s “Deus sive Natura” or in other words, ‘indifferent Nature’ says.

Everyone has their personal journey to complete and everyone want it to make it special or worth remembering. But, the mere indifference of the Nature does not seem to bother us. This humongous ego with which we carry ourselves during the journey often betrays the reality in many ways. Still, the journey is worth enjoying. I have tried and failed to maintain the curiosity driven attitude towards this journey. Yet, ‘something’ makes me want to pursue it often than not. And I want to know what that ‘something’ is !

  “Corona Australis” Courtesy : APOD

Gist of life ….

काममया एवायं पुरुष इति
सा यथाकामो भवति तत्क्रतुर भवति
यात्क्रतुर भवति तत कर्म कुरुते
यत कर्म कुरुते तद अभिसम पद्यते

Phonetic help :

Kaama maya evayam purusha iti
Sa Yatha kaamo bhavati tat kratur bhavati
Yat kratur bhavati tat karma kurute
Yat karma kurte tad abhisam padyate

Meaning :

You are what your deep, driving desire is
As your desire is, so is your will
As your will is, so is your deed
As your deed is, so is your destiny

– Brihadaranyaka  upanishad (4, 4.5)