Blackbird Fly !





The King and The Pawn

Every question raised, every reason to keep on playing, the ridiculousness follows….

The tumultuous beginnings may chase you, uncertainty in making your path known might be unsettling, Yet, somehow the inner struggle will not let you leave. Even though all expectations have been met, Ridiculousness follows !

Look beyond, the fast pace events occurring around you, every experience wants to teach you something, bluntness of emotions will make you feel mortal, it will pass and ridiculousness will follow….

The agony is a part of it, ‘Nothing will ever make sense’ is the fear eating you every day, still, little joyous moments were never meant to be special … they are your fellow travelers during the struggle … they will eventually bring ridiculousness as always….

Happiest you have ever been, short lived memories of it will make you growl in time to come, Memories and the ephemeral joy from it will serve you rather well in the ridiculousness of this journey.

Finally, a moment where a move will make it or break it, More often than not, will break your perseverance! however, few times, Ohh My ! I will win over this absurdity ….Absurdity of this raw emotion will be fleetingly liberating thing to behold…  All other lost attempts will be counted as null !

Cause every  attempt demands a new level enthusiasm which I lack …chewed upon …This is how it will be …. all over again. When the next game of mighty Chess will be played,  I will be ready for your challenge hoping in return, this time it will be different…

Comrades! … And the ridiculousness of it , in some sense is the essence of it.

Aayushyachya Watewar ….

Aayushyachya watewar
tu asach chalat raha…
yashachya aakasht
garud zep ghet raha;
wisavyala parat
ghartyat matr yet ja..!
aayushyachya watewar
tu asach chalat raha…
sukhachya prateyk kshanana
manat sathawat ja;
an dukhawar mag
haluch funkar ghalat ja..!
aayushyachya watewar
tu asach chalat raha…
ghadnarya prateyk goshtina
dhayryane samore ja;
kulacha kuldeepak tu
asach ujalat raha..!
aayushyachya watewar
tu asach chalat raha….!!!


—- Mayuri

Acknowledgement : Thank you for the kind words, Mayuri.


A memory



A southern trail, in early winter wasn’t enough,                                                                  The calmness of shore wasn’t enough,                                                                     Absence of people around me wasn’t enough                                                                Never before but words were not enough                                                                                I will remain here, waiting…

Pleasure of senses did not remain there for long,                                                        Friends were missed at first, but sharing was at the heart of it                              Something changed, a connection made                                                                            But soon memories will fade away                                                                             Beautiful motherly wishes traveled with me                                                                        And then, wistfulness came along                                                                                            I will remain here, waiting…

In a troubled time, strangers provided many words                                                             But never became part of my journey                                                                              Many surprises along the way                                                                                            Yet, the lies and the social norms will always remain here, with me                           Nothing has been enough…                                                                                                    I, still, be waiting…

Stars are only companions, for now                                                                                        I know them, indifferent spectators.                                                                     Earnestness will never be found there,                                                                              only mystery has been filling the void.                                                                                       I will be waiting … for you !


Kabhi kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta …

Kabhi kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta
Kahin zameen nahi to kahin aasman nahi milta

Bujha Saka Hain Bhala Kaun Waqt Ke Shole
Ye Aisi Aag Hain Jisme Dhuan Nahin Milta

Tere intezaar mein aesa nahi ki lutf na ho
Intezar karen hum aesa lamha nahi milta

Kabhi kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta

Tere jahan mein aesa nahi ki pyar na ho
Jahan umeed ho uski, wahan nahi milta

Kabhi kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta
Kahin zameen nahi to kahin aasman nahi milta

Jise Bhi Dekhiye Vo Apne Aap Mein Gum Hain
Zubah Mili Hain Magar Humzubah Nahin Milta

Teri duniya mein aesa nahi ki hazaar raste na ho
Jo rasta manzil ko le jaye wo nahi milta

Kabhi kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta

Khuli ankhon se sapne dekhne ka jurm na ho
Har baar wo jurm ho to uski saza se panah nahi milti

Kabhi kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta

Ab tanhai mein na chal pane ka khauf na ho
Jab zindagi ko tanhai ka saath mile to kisi aur ka saath nahi milta

Kabhi kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta
Kahin zameen nahi to kahin aasman nahi milta

— Nida Fazli

Sticks and stones ….. let me be

” Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words will never hurt me. ”

You would have kept those words on your tongue,
If you had known the hurt they had done.
While your fists stay by, right by your side,
Your words they bruise me deep inside.

Goodbye is the best way that I know,
To forgive and still be letting go.


These well known words (used since eighteenth century ) maybe juxtaposed however we want ……

lack of absolutism and existence of day-to-day events which can be described by the word ‘irony’ made me more misanthropic as I grew older and more and more cantankerous towards linguistic studies also ……
Don’t even get me started on the social studies and humanities programs !

I get the feel of ambrosia in learning about the Nature …. let me be !

मार्ग शोधितो मी !!!

मनातील ना ना शन्का ,माझ्याशिवाय पूर्ण करणार बरे कोण !!

जाईन मी माझ्या मार्गी , येतील सवन्गडी पाठीशी ,

असतील बाहुबलि माझ्या आधि , मझ नाही त्यान्चा द्वेश

माझी बान्धिलकी फक्त माझ्या उत्तरान्शी !!


heading south, leaving all behind
all trivialities, searching something
something that will stay forever

heading south, smiling over everything that lost
appeared but never came along
miles n miles away from the real
towards ocean

heading south, remembering the souls
every one, very close and dear
still far and away from something
something which will matter

heading south, conquering all tides
tides of emotions, calling me
everything that journey wants, I’m learning
learning to say, hear me
learning to fly, above all

new horizons, new sorrows
drifting and drifting away in the darkness of night
for the happiness which is refreshing as friendship
for the loved ones who see me
for the new dawn, I head south

The Perfect silence

WHEN I heard the learn’d astronomer;
When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me;
When I was shown the charts and the diagrams, to add, divide, and measure them;
When I, sitting, heard the astronomer, where he lectured with much applause in the lecture-room,
How soon, unaccountable, I became tired and sick;
Till rising and gliding out, I wander’d off by myself,
In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time,
Look’d up in perfect silence at the stars.

When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer
by Walt Whitman
from Leaves of Grass, 1855